It is one of the most popular classes in New Zealand and arguably the one with the greatest diversity of machinery – from exotic endurance racing prototypes and GT cars through to some amazing Kiwi home-built creations!

There are two classes in GTRNZ – GT1/2 and GT3/4. The categories are separated essentially by lap times achieved on the circuit and anyone ‘breaking out’ of a set time in GT3/4 will automatically be penalised. The cars are the stars however, and a stroll up and down the GTRNZ paddock is well worth it.

The class is made up of Daytona Prototypes, GT cars like Porsches and Camaros, cars that race in the various New Zealand V8 powered series, homemade Mazda and Honda specials and even some historic cars that have been modified to turn them effectively into sports sedans.

You’ll also find some very cool TransAm and GT racing machinery appearing from time to time in the category.

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