Traffic Lights signal action for racers

Speed Works has revealed the classes aiming to race before Christmas and become sport’s pioneers into the new pandemic ‘traffic light’ system.

Speed Works, Hampton Downs and MotorSport New Zealand will be amongst the very first event organisers to run an event under the new system.

The race meeting – scheduled for the weekend of December 18 and 19 – will take place just three days after Auckland borders reopen and will run to Government guidelines and protocols.

The organisers are already working on the requirements for holding the event under the new traffic light system and will release further details of how the race meeting will work as it draws closer, so that everyone is fully up to speed with what they need to do comply. They are also hoping the system will allow spectators to attend assuming they meet the health requirements to attend public events.

Competitors have been pushing to go racing and a grid of TradeZone GTRNZ cars, two BMW grids, the MOTUL Honda Cup and the NEXEN Tyre Mazda Racing series will be in action on both days. The 2K Cup joins the party on Sunday and the Toyota 86 Championship field will also be in attendance, but using the weekend (and Friday 17th December) to get some valuable testing mileage for its big grid, which includes a number of rookies and first timers.

To cater for some serious interest from owners of GT machinery, Speed Works is also putting on an open GT race on both the Saturday and Sunday and already has up to five newly arrived GT cars lined up to race.

“We have lots of interest from owners wanting to get some mileage in the bag for new cars they have,” explained Speed Works Geoff Short. “There are new GT3 cars here now which are all looking to do some time on track and as we have mentioned in earlier announcements, we are also hoping to see the new carters owned Brabham out there too.

‘Anyone who has a current or older GT or Carrera Cup car or something similar will be very welcome to come along and race. We think there will be plenty of takers and some interesting cars for sport starved Auckland spectators to enjoy.”